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1045 Carbon Steel Black Blade Full Tang Hand Forged Ninja Sword



Overall Length:104CM

Blade Length(without Habaki):68CM

Blade Material:1045Carbon steel, with Kiriha Zukuri kissaki

Blade Feature:forged, black plating the blade surface

Blade Thickness: 7.0mm

Blade Width: 3.2cm

Scabbard (Saya)Material: hard wood, lacquered

Scabbard (Saya) Length:74cm

Handle (Tsuka)Material: 28cm

Rayskin(same):black real stingray rayskin

Sewing needles quantity:12pcs

Blowpipe length:70pcs

Blowpipe material: Zn-Al tube

Ito and Sageo:normal silk

Blade Edge: Razor sharp,ready for cutting paper and matt

Tsuba Material:zinc alloy, flat without any pattern

Fuchi &Kashira Material: zinc alloy

Habaki Material:brass

Other Fittings(Seppa,Menuki): Brass

Fittngs Feature: sanding poslish, plating

Packing:carton box,sword bag


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