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Nagamaki Long Katanas for Sale

Welcome to Katanaswords.net, your one stop shop for best Samurai Nagamaki swords. We hold an extensive range of razor sharp Nagamaki long Katanas for sale at the best price. Our product line consists of the best heat-forged Samurai Nagamaki swords crafted from outstanding materials.

We make sure to deliver you the utmost quality and value packed in a single sword. The Nagamaki swords manufactured by us are not just for ornamental purposes, but these hold the true Samurai spirit. Get your hands on one of the finest Nagamaki swords traditionally handmade by veteran swordsmiths.

About Nagamaki Swords

Nagamaki sword belongs to nihonto (Japanese swords) with an extra-long handle traditionally used by Samurai of feudal Japan. The word Nagamaki means ‘long wrap,’ and that’s from where its name originated. Nagamaki possesses a 2 feet long blade with the handle of about the same length. That is why it is considered a long katana sword. However, the main difference between a Nagasaki and Katana is the handle length. Nagasaki has a longer handle than Samurai Katana.

Historically, it is difficult to pin-point the exact appearance time of this sword; however, according to the evidence, it dates back to the Kamakura period. At that time, the Nodachi (large Samurai sword) swords were mainly used by Samurai, and Nagamaki evolved from them.

Nagamaki is a single-edged sword, and it resembles with Naginata blade, but both of these have different tsuka (handle) and blade length. The hilt of sword is made from leather or silk cord in a criss cross manner to offer an improved grip over the handle. Because of its long blade and ease of use, the Nagamakis became one of the most prestigious Samurai weapons.

Nagamaki Creation Process

Nagamaki swords are manufactured from the conventional Japanese process. These swords are not made by a single person, rather many swordsmiths work together to manufacture a sword. Like all other Samurai swords, Namagakis are made from tamahagane (a kind of steel) obtained from iron sand. This steel is then processed to get different Carbon concentration; higher carbon concentration means stronger material.

The most widely used materials for Samurai Nagamaki sword production are 1095 high steel carbon and 9260 spring steel. And then the steel goes through the forging process in which it is heated and folded multiple times to make a single-piece sword. After getting its final shape, the sword is then clay tempered, file marked, and polished.

Once the sword is ready, then comes the mountings part. Firstly, a tuska (handle) is fitted at the end of the blade to provide a better grip of the sword. The mount-maker also makes a scabbard sheath called saya for Nagamaki, which is usually made from leather or wood to keep it protected. Another vital part is tsuba, which is present at the end of the blade to protect the hands.

high quality nagamaki sword


  • Blade length: up to 2 ft.
  • Handle length: 2 ft. or more
  • Blade type: Single-edged straight
  • Used by: Samurai of feudal Japan
  • Type: Japanese Samurai Sword
  • Used for: Combating the Cavalry
  • Place of Origin: Japan
  • Period of Origin: Kamakura
  • Famous for: Large handle

2 Handed Japanese Long Sword

Coming with a large handle of up to 2 feet, this sword is regarded as a long Japanese sword. It is an unconventional sword because despite having the length of a polearm; it was considered as a sword. This sword provided the ease of two hand grip when almost all other swords had a single hand grip.

The Nagamaki sword was designed for slicing strokes and large sweeping, and it was mostly used to combat Cavalry on the battlefield. Unlike other Samurai swords, this sword doesn’t require hand shifts, and mostly the right hand was preferred for it.

The efficiency of Samurai Nagamaki in War

Because of its large handle and blade, the Nagamaki was a widely used weapon in war. Traditionally, the nagamakis were considered as an infantry weapon against Cavalry. It was easier to attack the men on horseback with this weapon. Another advantage of these swords was their lightweight and comfortable grip. These offered a two handed grip to balance out the weight of the overall sword. And that is why these were also easy to carry by horse riders.

The Samurai used it to petrify their enemies from a large distance without exposing themselves to the opponents. These swords were not only good for melee fighting, but they also proved to be the best combat weapon for Cavalry.

Nagamaki – The Japanese Weapon of Jutsu

Two handed weapons are of great importance in traditional Japanese and Chinese training. And among the two handed weapons, Nagamaki is one of the most used swords. It is used for various Martial art training called Jutsu.

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