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Tanto Sword – Japanese Short Dagger Sword

We present you with a wide range of Samurai Tanto swords made from premium and high quality materials. Our swords are no ordinary swords but a piece of antique mastery and traditional craft. Unlike the most replicas in the market, we offer you the originally handmade Tanto daggers made with conventional Japanese process.

All our Japanese Tanto swords are precisely inspected to ensure the originality and novelty of these swords. We take pride in saying that our virtuoso sword makers manufacture the best Samurai Tanto swords and Tanto daggers.

About Japanese Tanto

Dating back to Heian, Tanto is regarded as one of the most sought after Japanese Samurai Swords. Its name originated from its size because the word ‘Tanto’ means ‘short sword’ and that is why it is also called as Japanese short dagger.

At that time, when long Samurai swords were dominant, something was needed to fit anywhere regardless of space. And to fulfil the need of time, Tanto was intentionally designed to be a short weapon. With this mid-sized sword, self defence became easier for Samurai, and it was considered as a vital weapon which they carried everywhere with them.

Mostly, the Japanese Tanto knife was carried along with a Katana sword as an auxiliary weapon. However, it was also paired with the Samurai Tachi sword by some warriors.

Another thing for which Tanto was famous is its stabbing ability. The Tanto coming with a flat grind, and the high point is an extremely strong blade that is perfect for cutting through tough materials and stabbing. It was used to cut through the armor of the enemies. Moreover, it was also used for performing Seppuku (a ritual suicide).

Even today, the Tanto is one of the most beloved Samurai swords, and because of its vitality, it’s still widely used for Tantujutsu (a type of Martial arts). These are also used in Tameshgiri, which is a traditional Japanese ritual.

What You Should Know About Tanto Sword and Knife

A traditional Tanto sword has a length of 15 to 30 cm, which could be single-edged or double-edged. Mostly, the Japanese Tanto knife is single-edged with a super sharp cutting blade. Tanto Katana dagger falls between the long daggers and small knives, which makes it the ideal Japanese defense weapon.

Most of the Tanto Katanas are clay tempered, which ensures the strength and durability of the blade. Another considerable thing about Tanto is its tsuka (handle), which is mostly wooden with the same wooden saya (blade cover).

Samurai Tanto has flat blades with sharp tips to pierce through the tough surfaces. Usually, the blades are hand forged and made from materials such as 1095 high steel carbon and 9250 spring steel.

However, based on different blade types, there is a huge variety available in Tanto katanas. Here are some of the most famous Tanto blades.

  • Hira Tanto
    Coming, with no Shinogi (a cutting line on the blade as Katana), these are the most common Tanto swords because of their simplicity and basic structure.
  • Shinogi Tanto
    These are mostly made from the remains of a broken down large sword, but Tantos with this kind of blade are very rare.
  • Shobu
    These blades have high similarity with Shinogi, but these have a more smooth finish and are common than Shinogi.
  • Moroha
    Moroha has a double-edged blade with a diamond shaped cross section. However, these are very rare and found not so easily.
  • Kubikiri
    Another rare type of Tanto with a sharpened blade inside the curve. These blades have no sharpened point, and that is why they are used barely for anything.
  • Hochogata
    It is a widened version of Hira Tanto, but it is shorter in length.
  • Unokobi
    These are uncommon with a thinner blade towards the mid, which becomes thicker towards the tip.
  • Osoraku Tanto
    In the mid of the blade, these have a pronounced o-kissaki, which is exceptionally long.
  • Kanmuri-Otoshi
    Their blades are just like Hira and Shobu, with the only difference being that their tip is double-edged.
  • Kissaki-Moroha
    These blades are also very rare, and they have a double-edge, which is considerably curved as compared to other Tanto blades.

Our handmade Samurai Tanto Swords Are Battle Ready

Get your hands on our handmade battle ready Samurai Tanto swords to experience the true Samurai ethos. Our Tanto daggers are super sharp with a splendid finish to provide you with the firsthand experience of real Samurai swords.

You can add to your antique collection with this unusual piece of art, or you can use them for traditional Japanese rituals. Most of the Japanese Martial arts such as Aikido and Jujutsu require Tanto blade as the primary practicing tool. Tanto short swords are also widely used for Tantujutsu and Tameshgiri.

We Offer Free Shipping on All Tantos

To make your purchase worthwhile, we offer you free shipping on all our Tanto swords. You can choose any one of Tantos, and our team will make sure to deliver you the desired product without any hustle. Not only that, but we are also here for you 24/7 to help you out regarding any queries. Feel free to Contact Us anytime.

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