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Japanese Nodachi Sword for Sale

Providing you the best Japanese Nodachi swords for sale, Katanasword.net is your one stop shop for all kinds of Japanese Samurai swords. We take pride in presenting you the premium handmade Nodachi, also known as Odachi swords. All our Samurai swords are quenched carefully to avoid steel warping. And unlike other swords, our Nodachis are polished in a stationary position to even out the blade finish.

Nodachi and Odachi swords are the most difficult to manufacture perfectly because of their large size. And that is why our swords are carefully manufactured by expert swordsmiths.

Here at Katana sword; you get a vast collection of different Nodachi an Odachi swords. Explore our collection, and you will find the one perfect for you.

About Nodachi and Odachi Swords

Nodachi and Odachi both belong to Nihonto (Japanese swords), carried by Samurai of feudal Japan. Both these swords had a large blade of up to 3 shaku (Japanese foot); however, there is no exact length found in history.

From the available evidence, its blade length is considered to be somewhere around 90 cm. Because of their larger size, both of these Samurai swords, unlike other swords, were not worn on the waist. Instead, the Samurai used to carry these on their back or sometimes in their hands. Nodachi and Odachi are considered long Japanese weapons similar to Katana. However, they have larger blades than Samurai Katana swords.

Nodachi Katana was only meant for the expert Samurai, and no other person could carry or use it because of its giant size. A great effort and strength were required to wield these swords perfectly on the battlefield. These swords were mostly carried by foot soldiers to combat and attack the Cavalry.

Another attribute that makes these swords stand out amid other Japanese swords is their manufacturing process. These were super hard to manufacture, and only veteran swordsmiths were appointed for making these giant swords. Even today, Nodachi and Odachi swords are rare, but here we are offering the authentic Japanese Nodachi and Odachi for sale.

Odachi Sword Vs Nodachi Sword

Historically, there is no significant difference between both of these swords; both these names were used interchangeably for a single sword. However, both names translate differently as Nodachi means ‘field sword,’ and Odachi translates as ‘Big/Greatsword.’

Some historians are of the view that Nodachi was used when the application of the sword was regarded while Odachi referred to the size of the sword. However, in some cases, Nodachi and Odachi both differ in their sizes. The Odachi sword is larger than Nodachi with the same features and attributions.

Features of Nodachi / Odachi Sword

Nodachi swords hold some very distinctive features than the rest of Samurai swords. These features make them outstand all other Japanese swords.

  • Blade length: At least 90 cm
  • Handle length: 1/3 of Blade length
  • Carried by: Samurai of feudal Japan
  • Used for: Attacking Cavalry
  • Origin: Feudal Japan
  • Known as: Large Katana swords
  • The era of manufacturing: Edo period

Modern day Nodachi swords

Being one of the most dreadful Samurai swords, the Nodachi still exists today with the same conventional features. The blades are clay tempered, and hand forged. These swords are just as sharp as the traditional Nodachi swords were, having the ability to cut through any surface perfectly.

Our Nodachi swords are made from blackened steel to make them more functional and strong. The swordmakers manufacture the blades through the traditional Japanese heating and folding method. The tsuka and saya of these swords are made from high quality wood to keep the sword protected. And the tsuba is made from tough iron to ensure the durability of these swords.

The Samurai Nodachi sword is a piece of ancient art used by many martial arts schools to teach specific techniques. These swords are truly meant for collectors who demand to have the extra-ordinary sword collection from Japanese culture.

Weapons of Samurai – Razor Sharp Nodachi Samurai Katana

Nodachi Samurai Katanas are legendary weapons with gigantic sized blades. These swords were used on the battlefield to attack the enemies from a large distance. The blades of Nodachi katana are not the simple blades, but these are full tang razor sharp blades to cut through the enemies in just one stroke.

It was impossible for the opponent to pull out of its blow and defend himself. And that is why these swords were regarded as one of the most deadly Japanese swords.

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If you have any queries regarding our Nodachi Samurai katana, you’re more than welcome to contact us. We are here for you 24/7.

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