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Japanese Wakizashi Collection for sale

We offer you the best and authentic Japanese Wakizashi Swords for sale. Just like our Katana Swords, the Wakizashi swords are also manufactured with the traditional smelting process. These swords are hand forged by experienced swordsmiths. The forgers pay extra attention to minor details to ensure the originality of these swords.

Only premium and high quality materials such as 1095 high steel Carbon and 9260 spring Steel are used in manufacturing these Japanese Wakizashi swords. From small Wakizashi to large Katana, we truly believe in delivering you the finest hand-made Japanese swords.

If you want to try your hands on martial arts or add to your antique collection, a Wakizashi is a perfect pick for you. It’s easier to handle and practice with. Plus, they hold a highly prestigious place in Japanese culture because of their origin and use. So n antique lover would want to miss this piece of antique art.

About Wakizashi Sword

Wakizashi swords were worn by Samurai along with Katana swords, and their pair was called as daisho. The Wakizashi swords acted as a backup with Katana swords, and they were used for closed counters. These auxiliary swords were also used for the ritualistic suicide called Seppuku. The Wakizashi sword is the ultimate sign of Samurai, and it accompanied them even when Katana was left at the door of a palace.

In Feudal Japan, it was a law for Samurai to carry both a large and small weapon. That is why everyone from Samurai carried a pair of Wakizashi Katana. However, it was illegal for any other person to carry any of these swords at that time.

Wakizashi Blade

Wakizashi is considered to be a smaller sword than most of the other Japanese swords. Traditional Wakizashi possess a blade of 30 to 60 cm in length, depending on the type of Wakizashi.

  • ō-wakizashi
    These swords were more close to the length of a Katana.
  • kō-wakizashi
    These Wakizashi swords had a length close to Tanto swords.

Because of their variable length, it was easy to carry Wakizashi along with a big Katana. Original Japanese Wakizashi swords were forged differently than the Samurai Katana. The swordsmiths created a narrower cross section in Wakizashi to make it more deadly and sharp. For this reason, these were used to attack enemies on battlefields. Even today, we manufacture Wakizashi with a narrow cross section to preserve the historical essence of this sword.

Is Wakizashi a short Samurai Katana?

Some people consider Wakizashi as a short Samurai Katana because of its blade length, which is not true. There are other small Samurai swords, such as Tanto, having a 30 cm blade. Wakizashis can have a length from anywhere between 30 to 60 cm. And for this exact reason, we cannot call Wakizashi as a short Katana.

Although Wakizashi was carried along with Katana, there was a significant difference in both these swords. Katana is a larger sword that was used as the primary weapon, and Wakizashi is a comparatively shorter sword, which was used as a secondary (backup) blade. These swords, unlike Katana, were made to handle with one hand. Wakizashi was worn on the left side of the belt, and it was comparatively easy to wield these swords indoor and in close quarters.

Why Samurai Wakizashi is so famous?

Samurai Wakizashi dates back to the 15-16th century, but still today, it is so famous. And that is because of its origin of emergence. This sword was used by Samurai people, and it was irreplaceable for them. Being a part of their tradition and law, they carried it everywhere. Even when they had to leave Katana, they carried this sword with them. Today, after 600 years, you can still get high quality Katana because it’s a prestigious piece of art not only for Japanese but for all the art lovers and Martial artists.

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