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Real Ninja swords for sale

At Katana Swords, you get the extensive collection of real Ninjato swords for sale. We offer you the best handcrafted, authentic Ninja swords of all kinds.

All our swords are made from premium quality material, including 1095 high steel carbon and 9250 spring steel carbon.

Each of our Ninja swords has unique features, designs, and colors. You can browse our sword collection to get yourself the real authentic Ninjato sword.

Japanese Ninjato swords are hand forged by veteran craftsmen who specialize in detailing. Ninja swords are not only a single piece of steel, but it is a mastery of antique art, and real craftsmanship is needed to produce these swords.

History of Ninjato

Unlike Samurai swords, Ninajto swords, also known as Ninjaken, were carried by Shinobi of feudal Japan. Due to lack of evidence, there is no exact known era of origin of these swords.

However, these swords were used by shinobi to carry out secret missions because of the unique blade shape. Ninja used to carry these swords on their back just like Samurai Nodachi, which makes it easier for them to run and climb up the wall.

According to experts, the saya of Ninja swords were larger than the actual sword size. It helps them to hide other gadgets inside the saya and use these hidden weapons when needed.


Ninja swords are one of the exceptional Japanese swords because of their shape and features. Our Ninjato swords are entirely hand forged by expert swordsmiths. The sword makers use only high-quality carbon steel for the blade and durable wood for the handle.

To provide you with maximum strength, all our Ninja swords are full tang. From Kissaki to tsuka, all Japanese Ninjaken swords possess unique features and specifications.


In contrast to Samurai Katana, the Shinobi Ninjato Katana are shorter swords with complete straight blades and a square guard. These straight blades were of great use for Ninja as they provided them maximum support.

The straight blade allowed them to nail it in the ground and take an extra step to jump on the walls.

Regardless of their unusual straight blade, Ninja swords were used in the same manner as Katana. Although their blades were shorter than Katana, the wielding action was almost the same.

Classification of Ninjato Katana

We have authentic shinobi Ninja swords

When you’re buying a Ninja sword, be careful of replicas. Many people are offering replica Ninjato swords on the market by labeling them as ‘Real Ninja sword.’ However, here at Katana swords, we assure you 100% authentic Shinobi Ninja swords.

You will experience the true essence of the Japanese swords as all our swords are finely made with high emphasize on minute details. We take pride in saying that we specialize in the Best Ninjato swords you can find around the globe.

Get your hands on Ninjato swords worth your money and satisfy both your martial arts and antique collecting needs.

Why are Ninja swords straight?

You might be wondering why the Ninja swords, unlike most Japanese Samurai, are straight? Well, according to the evidence found in history, these swords were carried by Ninja.

Carrying a curved blade was harder to carry on back and withdraw instantly. That is why they preferred straight blades over curved ones.

These straight blades were efficient for reverse grip, fast draw techniques, and simultaneous attack and defense. Because of these specifications, these are considered as one of the most spectacular Japanese swords to date.

Best customer supports

We are a team of sword enthusiastic, and our swordsmiths are equipped with generations of experience. When you order a sword from Katana swords, your sword will be fully handmade and polished just right to provide you with the best Ninjato sword.

We believe in delivering the best to you! All your orders come with the perk of worldwide free shipping. You don’t have to pay any extra charges, pay for your sword, and our team will make sure to deliver the right thing at your doorstep.

If you have any queries regarding our swords, you’re more than reach out to us. We are available for you 24/7.

Looking for something more? We have a vast collection of Japanese swords; you can explore it and find yourself the best match.

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