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Welcome to Katana swords, the biggest sword emporium with the largest varieties of Samurai swords. Here at Katana swords, you can get any sword from small Tanto to large Odachi and world famous Katana.

Our swords are not just ordinary pieces of art, but these are razor-sharp, battle ready swords to showcase your Martial arts skills. Our swords are full tang and clay tempered by expert swordsmiths. Browse our collection of Samurai swords and get the one you find perfect for yourself.

History of Samurai Swords

Samurai swords date back to the feudal Japan use by Samurai. These swords are the most prestigious in Japanese culture because of their historical value. The earlier Japanese swords had straight blades with no curves such as Nagamaki, but as time passed, these swords evolved and changed their shape.

The later coming swords such as Tachi and Katana were single-edged and had curved blades. All these swords were used by Samurai either to combat enemies on the battlefield or sometimes to perform the Japanese rituals.

These larger swords were mostly used by Cavalry. However, Odachi, because of its giant size, were carried by foot riders to combat the horsemen. Samurai’s also carried a small dagger called Samurai Tanto sword. Tanto sword was perfect for attacking the enemy in closed spaces, and it was also utilized for performing the Japanese ritual suicide.

Among the Samurai swords, the Katana sword was the most honored and valued. And that is why, today, almost all Japanese swords are called Japanese Katana swords. Katana has a medium sized blade, carried by Samurai all the time along with Wakizashi. The pair of both these swords was called as Daisho, and only Samurai was allowed to carry this pair.

Making of Samurai Swords

Samurai swords were traditionally made by veteran swordsmiths. All the swords were hand forged through the smelting process to give them the desired shape and strength. The Samurai Katana swords were fashioned only from the purest steel called Tamahagane (jewel steel).

Mostly two types of Tamahagane were used in making a single sword, one was high carbon steel, and the other was low carbon steel. The high carbon steel made the outer layer of the sword because it’s hard and razor sharp while the tough, low carbon steel made the inner lining of the Katana.

This steel is processed for many days to purify it from all the impurities. The swordmakers kept on heating and folding the steel to form a single piece of solidified steel from which the Katanas are made.

Then this piece of steel was hammered to give it the sword shape. At this point, the sword body is ready, and then comes the coating part. Most of the katanas are clay tempered by insulating a mixture of charcoal powder and clay onto the blade and heating it.

Once the sword is clay tempered, it is then passed on to an expert polisher. The blade is rubbed perfectly to provide it with a super sharp cutting edge. And the last thing was to mount accessories onto the sword. And this is how a single Samurai sword is made.

Even today, we use the same traditional method to make samurai katanas. But there are some people offering Samurai replicas, so be very careful of them and always invest your money in Authentic, hand forged katana.

Features of Samurai Katana

Blade length

The Samurai swords differ in blade lengths. Some swords like Tanto have short blades of around 15 t0 30 cm, while others can have large blades of up to 90cm, as in the case of Odachis.

Handle length

Same as the blade, the handles too vary with the type of Japanese swords. Mostly swords are one handed, which makes them easier to carry. However, in the case of Nodachi, the handle is of the same length as the blade.

Blade type

Japanese Samurais are mostly single-edged while some have double edged blades. The single-edged blade was preferred more because of its ease of use.

Era of Use

All the Samurai swords were used in feudal Japan. The oldest sword dates back to the 12th century. As time passed, these swords evolved, and various types were manufactured.

Used by

As the name mentions, these swords were carried by Samurai of Feudal Japan. Some swords like Katana and Wakizashi were part of their culture, and it was obligatory for them to carry these swords wherever they go.

Katana Sword Is Authentic Samurai Sword Store

We present you with a wide range of authentic Samurai swords made from premium and high quality materials. Our Japanese warrior swords are no ordinary swords but a piece of antique mastery and traditional craft. Unlike the most replicas in the market, we offer you the original hand forged Samurai weapon.

All our Japanese swords are precisely inspected to ensure the originality and novelty of these swords. We take pride in saying that our virtuoso sword makers manufacture the best Samurai weapons.

Premium Swords for Sale

All our swords are made from premium materials such as 1095 and 1060 High carbon steel to deliver you the original sharp Samurai katana. Some swords are also manufactured from 5160 and 9260 spring steel with added silicon to provide maximum flexibility to these swords. Moreover, our expert polishers give the perfect finish to these swords by precisely grinding and polishing them.

We Deliver the Best

We offer you the best customer support with 24/7 live service! Your satisfaction is our priority. Our team is continuously ensuring to provide you with a satisfactory shopping experience.

If you have any queries regarding Samurai swords, you can reach out to us, and our team will make sure to help you with the best. You can explore our Contact Us page or directly email us at [email protected]

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