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Welcome to Katanasword.net. We provide you with a whole range of the best Japanese Tachi swords originally made by the conventional process of continually melting and folding the steel. Our swords are not just ordinary swords, but we pay extra attention to minor details and features, ensuring the top quality and authentic Tachi swords.

Just like our other Samurai swords, these, too, are handmade by veteran swordsmiths. We only use premium materials such as 1095 and 1060 High carbon steel to deliver you the durable sword. Some swords are also manufactured from 5160 and 9260 spring steel with added silicon to provide maximum flexibility to these Tachi swords.

History of Tachi Swords

Tachis are one of the prestigious Japanese swords which was first used by Samurai of feudal Japan. The word ‘Tachi’ translates as ‘soul of Samurai.’ It got its name from its emergence and dominance among the Samurai people.

The manufacturing of Tachi swords dates back to 1596 (Koto period), and they are considered to be one of the oldest and most used Samurai swords. Unlike other swords of that time, the Tachi had a longer blade, and it became an essential weapon for the battlefields.

The Cavalry (Japanese horsemen) could easily use this sword because of its length and lightweight. Although it was larger than other Japanese Samurais, it was considerably lighter even than the Katanas. That is why these were easy to wield and carry with one hand. And from there on, it was regarded as a compulsory sword for Japanese Cavalry.

Traditionally made authentic Tachi swords

Authentic Tachis were curved, and the curves moved upward from middle to tip. The swords during the koto period were mostly straight, and they required more effort to wield around with them. The curved blade provided a balance between precision and momentum and generated a very high impact. That is why Tachi became famous in no time. With the emergence of Tachi swords, the old straight swords were replaced.

Even today, we offer you the same curved authentic Tachi with exact finishes. Our swords are not just the ordinary piece of steel; rather, they’re exceptional pieces of antique art. We offer you a huge collection of Tachi swords for sale.

Long blade battle ready Japanese Tachi Katanas

We specialize in manufacturing Long blade battle ready Japanese Tachi swords for sale. If you buy one of our swords, we assure you its authenticity and quality. You can level up your martial art skills with them or enhance your antique collection with our originally handcrafted Tashi swords.

Moreover, some traditional Japanese art schools use Long blade Tachi for ‘Tamishgiri’ (test cut). It is an old practice which was conducted to check the quality and sharpness of the sword.

Tachi vs. Katana

Both Tachi and Katana are one of the most reputed Samurai swords. Because of some striking similarities between these two, most people confuse them as being the same which is baseless. Both Tachi and Katana are two different swords having unique characteristics. Tachi was used as the primary weapon before Katana, and even after the emergence of Katana, Tachi was worn by Cavalry Samurai.

Another considerable difference is their blade length; Tachi has a comparatively larger (up to 75 cm) and thinner blade while the Katana blade is smaller (up to 60 cm) and wider. Both these also differ in their weight. Because the Tachi was used by Samurai horsemen, they were made lightweight and easy to handle.

In contrast, the Katana was a heavy battlefield sword to maximize the blow impact. Plus, Tachi and Katana both have different signatures on it, which makes them stand unique and distinctive.

Some facts about Tachi Katana of Feudal Japan

History is always mesmerizing and holds uncounted secrets. Tachi being a part of Japanese history, also holds some hidden facts. Here are some untold facts about the Tachi Samurai sword.

  • After the emergence and supremacy of the Katana sword, the Tachi was considered as a prestigious symbol of Samurai. And it was consigned to the ceremonies held in palaces.
  • The cutting edge is sharp enough to cut down enemies, and that is why it is regarded as one of the deadliest swords.
  • Tachi laid the foundation of all other curved Samurai swords.
  • It was one of the first-ever curved swords used by Samurai. Before it, warriors mostly used straight edged swords.
  • Tachis were worn with cutting edge down while the Katanas were hung with cutting edge facing upward.

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