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Legendary Japanese Swords for Sale

Japanese swords are one of the most prestigious swords dating back to feudal Japan. These intricately manufactured swords are one of the most iconic weapons that have ever existed. Here at Katana sword, we present you a wide range of Japanese swords for sale.

You can browse our collection to get yourself any kind of Japanese Samurai sword. From large blade of Katana to small dagger Tanto, we take pride in delivering you authentic Japanese swords.

Our swords are not just ordinary weapons, but you get the real Samurai experience from them. Get your hands on one of these, and you will get to know the difference between an authentic Japanese sword and a replica Samurai sword.

History of Japanese swords

Japanese swords hold the Soul of Samurai. These swords are a supreme part of Japanese culture because of their history and origin. These Japanese swords, also referred to as Samurai swords, were carried by Samurai people to combat the enemy.

Making of Japanese swords

Japanese Katana swords were traditionally made through the smelting process by experienced swordsmiths. Even today, all our Samurai katanas are made with the same conventional process. All our swords are manufactured by veteran swords makers with generations of experience.

We make sure to provide you quality and durability through our swords. Our manufactured swords are hand forged and clay tempered. We use only processed, premium material such as high steel carbon and spring steel for our Japanese blades.

Japanese blades

All our Japanese swords have razor sharp blades that can cut through any surface perfectly. Most of the swords available at Katana swords have single edged blades, but you can also find rare double edged blades.

Our expert sword polishers give the most exquisite finish to these swords, making them outstand the replicas available on the market.

Features of Japanese swords

Here are some basic features of Japanese Samurai swords.

  • Blade Length: Varies from small 15cm to large 90cm
  • Handle Length: Some have short handles (Tanto), others have handles double the length of the blade (Odachi)
  • Blade Shape: Mostly Single edged curved blades, rare have double edged straight blades
  • Carried by: Samurai of feudal Japan
  • The era of Origin: First made in Kofun period
  • Known as: Samurai swords, Samurai Katanas, Katana swords, Japanese Katanas
  • Used for: Attacking the enemies and defending oneself

Japanese Swords types

From the era of origin, as time passed, these swords kept on evolving. And with that evolution of these swords, advanced and upgraded swords were made. Here are all types of Japanese Samurai Katana traditionally carried by Samurai.


Katana is the cultural representation of Japan, and it was used by Samurai, and from there, it got its name as Samurai Katana sword. A real Katana sword is characterized by a single-edged, curved blade with a circular guard and a long grip. But here, you can also get a reverse blade katana.


Wakizashi swords were worn by Samurai along with Katana swords, and their pair was called as daisho. It is considered to be a smaller sword than most of the other Japanese swords. Traditional Wakizashi possess a blade of 30 to 60 cm in length, depending on the type of Wakizashi. Do explore our amazing collection of different wakizashi swords with red and black blade.


Tanto’ means ‘short sword’, and that is why it is also called as Japanese short dagger. A traditional Tanto sword has a length of 15 to 30 cm, single-edged or double-edged. Mostly, the Japanese Tanto knife is single-edged with a super sharp cutting blade.


The word ‘Tachi’ translates as ‘soul of Samurai’. Traditionally made authentic Tachi swords have curved, longer blades which were used by Cavalry (horsemen). Regardless of its larger blade size, it is light in weight and can be carried easily.


The word Nagamaki means ‘long wrap.’ Nagamaki is a single-edged sword and possesses a 2 feet long blade with the handle of about the same length. Because of its blade length, it is considered a long katana sword.

Nodachi swords

Nodachi swords blade length is considered to be somewhere around 90 cm. Because of their larger size, these swords were traditionally worn on back or sometimes in hands. Unlike other Japanese swords, these are only made by expert swordsmiths because of the unusual blade length.

Anatomy of Japanese swords


The traditional Japanese daito (swords) are crafted in different blades and handle lengths. Apart from length, most of the features of Samurai Katana remain constant in all swords. Below is the brief blade anatomy of Samurai Japanese swords.


The handle of the Japanese katana sword is called tsuka. The handle carries a variety of different carvings on it, depending on the type of Samurai sword.

Mostly the tsuka is covered with leather, or silk braided in a crisscross manner. A tsuba (guard) mostly made from iron, is fitted between handle and blade to keep the hand protected from the blade.


The sheath also known as saya is made from different materials and varies greatly in quality. Saya is the cover of the sword and keeps it protected from scratches.

Buying guide for real authentic Japanese swords

Before investing your money in a Japanese Samurai sword, there are certain things that you must be aware of. These things could help you find the best match for yourself.

What kind of sword do you want?
First things first, you must be clear of what kind of sword do you want for yourself? Are you looking for a longer katana or a short dagger sword? For this, you can check out the types of Japanese swords to get familiar with all Samurai swords.

What is your budget?
Another important thing to ask yourself is, what is my budget? Most of the authentic Katana swords are expensive because of the premium quality. However, if you have a low budget, you can go for alternative swords, which cost you lesser. But their only drawback is a low quality.

At Katana swords, we offer you a whole range of Samurai swords for sale. You can get any kind of Katana according to your budget range.

For what purpose do you want to buy a Japanese sword?
If you’re not sure of your purpose of buying a sword, there are good chances that you end up buying the wrong one for you. Most people want these swords out of their love for the antique collection.

Some people want to try their hands on martial arts, so they go for these august swords. So always make sure to mark your purpose and then invest money in the right piece.

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