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Authentic Japanese Kodachi swords for sale

Katana swords offer you a wide range of authentic Japanese Kodachi swords for sale. We have an extensive variety of Japanese swords known best for their razor sharp blades and unique designs. Our Kodachi swords are full tang and hand forged by veteran swordsmiths with generations of experience.

The swordmakers quench these swords carefully to avoid steel warping. Only premium quality material is used in manufacturing our swords, such as high steel carbon and spring steel.

When you buy any of our Japanese Kodachi Katana, we make sure to deliver you quality packed in a single sword. Our swords are not just ordinary weapons, but these are sharp-witted, sturdy, and genuine.

History of Kodachi sword

Just like other Samurai swords, Kodachi were also carried by Samurai of feudal Japan. These swords were first forged during the early Kamakura period. The word kodachi means ‘short Tachi,’ and they resemble Samurai Tachi swords in shape and design.

The exact use of Kodachi swords is still unknown because of lack of evidence; however, it is considered that these were used as companion swords with other Samurai swords. Kodachi swords are regarded as a blend of Ninja and Samurai swords, having a unique and different style.

Kodachi length

Japanese Kodachi blades are less than 60 cm in length. These are mounted in the shape of Tachi swords with length resembling Wakizashi swords. Because of their blade length resemblance with Wakizashi, they are sometimes also called a companion sword for Wakizashi.

However, the traditional Kodachi swords differ from Wakizashi in terms of length range. Wakizashi can have length anywhere 30 to 60 cm, while Kodachis are exactly 60 cm.

Kodachi blade

Kodachi have somewhat serrated blades. These blades make them outstand all other Japanese Samurai swords because of their unique cutting ability. The blade is full tang, clay tempered, and polished perfectly to give it the finest finish.

Features of Kodachis

  • Blade length: 60 cm
  • Handle length: 24 cm
  • Used by: Samurai of feudal Japan
  • The era of Origin: Early Kamakura period
  • Weight: 0.45 to .90 kg
  • Functionality: Companion sword

Kodachi vs. Wakizashi

Many people confuse Kodachi swords with Wakizashi swords. Kodachi swords are considered as companion swords for Wakizashi.

Although some Kodachi swords resemble Wakizashi, most of them were different from each other. The kodachi has a defined set of length 60cm while the Wakizashi were manufactured anywhere between 30 to 60 cm depending on the needs of the swordsman.

Regardless of the similarities, these are two entirely different swords. Sometimes Kodachi were used along with Wakizashi, but there is no definite evidence available for that.

Another significant difference between Kodachi and Wazkizashi katana is their action of wielding. Kodachi is a single handed sword while Wakizashis are two handed swords.

Kodachi vs. Tanto

As the name implies, Kodachi means ‘Short tanto,’ both these Samurai swords are somewhat related to each other. Both of these swords have similar designs and mountings.

However, both these differ as well in some features. Such as, the tanto swords have shorter blades than Wakizashi blades. Wakizashi Katanas were mostly utilized by women for defense when their homes were invaded.

Is Kodachi short Samurai sword?

Regardless of the 60 cm long blade, the Kodachi is called as a short Samurai sword. And that is because of its Tsuka. The handle length is shorter than other Samurai swords such as Wakizashi and Katana. And due to this exact reason, these swords are considered as short Samurai swords.

Because of the compact tsuka, Kodachi swords were easy to carry, and Samurai used these as back up weapons. They utilized these when the primary weapon was comprised on battlefields. Normally, these were paired with tanto or Wakizashi. But in some cases, Samurai used these as the primary weapon.

We have twin and dual Kodachi katana

At Katana swords, we provide you the best dual Kodachi Katana. Our twin kodachi swords are one of the best swords on the market. We deal in only authentic and genuine pieces of swords. Both swords in a dual Kodachi are forged carefully with emphasize on minute details.

When these swords are inside their saya, they look like a single sword resembling Nodachi. You can only see one handle while the other is fitted inside the saya. But when you take them out, these are two separate swords having identical appearances.

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