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About Us

Welcome to Katana swords – Your one stop sword shop

We know what you want

We are a team of sword enthusiasts, and we know exactly what you want! At Katana sword, we cater to all your needs for legendary Japanese swords from curved Katana to straight Ninjato swords. Understanding our customer’s needs and fulfilling them is our top priority. Just pick up your desired product, and we will deliver it to your doorstep with no hustle.

Katana swords outstand all other swords by presetting you with an extensive range of luxurious Samurai swords. You can find any kind of Katana at our store made by the traditional smelting process.

Our Motto

Your satisfaction is our priority! We provide the utmost preference to our customer’s satisfaction. Katana swords offer you the best range of Japanese Samurai swords. We are here to help you if you do not find your desired product or get stuck anywhere. Moreover, if you’re not satisfied with any of the products delivered to you, our team will help you out till you’re happy with it.

Our low prices are an added perk for your shopping experience. We sell you the best swords at reasonable prices without comprising the quality and originality.

What do we sell?

We sell the authentic; hand forged Samurai Katana swords manufactured by expert Swordsmiths with generations of experience. Our swords are not just an ordinary piece of steel; rather, they contain the soul of Samurai. When you get any of our Katana swords, you experience the real Samurai essence.

Our Japanese swords are made to cater to all your martial arts and collector needs. You can upgrade your martial arts practice or add on to your antique collection with our Samurai Katanas.

Every sword at our store is full tang and clay tempered to ensure durability. Only premium quality material such as high steel carbon and spring steel is used in manufacturing these pieces of antique Japanese art.

Get yourself a perfect sword, depending on your needs. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us or email us @[email protected]

Why trust Us?

Because we value your time and trust, at Katana swords, we deliver value to our customers. We provide you with the most authentic, high quality, and durable Japanese Katanas of all kinds. Due to high demand, many people are offering replica Katanas out there by labeling them as ‘real.’ Unlike those replicas on the market, we only deal in premium and real Samurai swords.

You can explore our store and check out the huge collection of Katana swords. Go to our store, and you will find yourself in a wonderland of swords.


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