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T10 Steel Clay Tempered Nagamaki Sword



Condition: Brand-New

Blade Sori(Curvature): 0.6 lnch / 1.5Cm

Overall Length: 45.3 inch /115 cm

Blade Material: Clay Tempered T10 Steel

Nagasa Length: 27.8 inch / 70.5 cm

Blade Shape: NAGINATA

Handle Length: 15.7 inch / 40 cm

Blade Edge: Hand Polished Be Razor Sharp Edge

Handle Material: Genuine Ray Skin + Hard Wooden

Blade Width (Near Kissaki): 1.41 inch / 3.6Cm

Tsuba Material: High quality brass Tsuba

Blade Width (Near Habaki): 1.38 inch / 3.5cm

Saya Material: Hard wooden with black matt finish

Kissaki Shape: NAGINATA With Nice Boshi

Condition: brand new, and can be completely disassembled and assembled


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