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Forza Workout

We Conducted a Survey in the Japanese fitness industry & Found the Perfect Katana workout – Analysis

What is the Forza Workout?

We recently conducted a survey in the Japanese fitness industry to determine the ‘perfect’ workout, and results show that the Forza workout is the perfect workout for anyone who wants to improve his physique, burn calories, and stay healthy. The Forza workout is a Japanese workout that includes swordplay. Forza is a balanced and safe workout that requires intense

focus. It is designed to burn hundreds of calories and challenge your mind. The workout can increase an individual’s strength by 10 times via its techniques. The workout proves to be effective for the development of muscles. This workout can be done with a sword of any material either steel, wood. You need a strong muscular body to grip and hold a heavy Japanese sword. Forza will continuously increase your strength in each play. It consists of three basic movements:

  • Half-cut: You have to cut up the sword above your head and the tip should at your neck level
  • Full cut: In this cut, the tip of the sword should land at your navel.
  • Diagonal cut: In this cut, the sword should meet your shoulder.

By applying this swordplay technique you have to pull down your weight on lower bald. Then with a strong grip move the sword. During the movement of the sword, an individual must have enough space so that the sword does not injure others.

Benefits of The Forza Workout:

People practicing with wooden Katana swords
People practicing with wooden Katana swords

How is this workout helpful in burning 500 calories?

Bokken is a 40 inches wooden sword that has to be swirl by a person during Forza workout. A person can burn about 500 calories in just an hour by practicing basic cuts half, full and diagonal.

This swordplay is exceedingly sterling. The workout consists of just 10 moves and 13 cuts, and after some practice, you will find it much easier and have control over it. Every time you act is a linear compress.

Forza is an inflexible workout that affects both the lower and upper parts of the body. It is a workout sustaining aerobic and anaerobic state. It has all significant benefits for the body.

How Forza workouts help humans in muscle development?

The encircling of the sword during the Forza workout will help your muscles in development. More practice with a sword will make your muscles strong. You should have a strong body to play with a sword. Each technique with half-cut, full cut, or diagonal wins a dispute and keeps you healthy.

Through the workout, an individual increases his/her strength to stand on everyday work. Many old men found it effective against their bodies. This exercise is beneficial for fighting, boxing, and other athletic activities. It gives more strength to a person so that he/she can act accordingly if someone attacks him/her.

People from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East are taking a huge interest in the Forza sword exercise. As it has been proved the best to give your body great strength and ideal shape. Almost every woman, man, and adult are taking interest in this swordplay. It can also be beneficial for their physical strength and health.

Statistics based on countries:

Froza workout stats
Froza workout stats based on countries shown in the graph

People in Japan are higher in number than in other countries. After Japan in Europe, then Asia, and finally the Middle east. By this survey, we have known that this workout is spreading widely all over the world due to its health benefits and easy practicing technique among all ages. It doesn’t have any side effects but we have to play very carefully because swords are heavy and can injure an individual if he/she plays wrong. That’s why it should only be played under an expert trainer’s supervision so that he can tell us precautions while workout.

During our survey, we sound this info collected from different regions :

Most Samurai are very familiar with this swordplay, they practice almost every 2 hours. That’s why they have the strength to fight with anyone because it gives them strength 10X as compared to a normal person.

Forza grabbing the interest of celebrities :

As Forza proves to be the most effective workout in Japan and other countries, many celebrities like Shahid Kapoor among several others are taking huge interest because it gives them more strength for work and an ideal body shape. The majority of celebrities are fond of perfect body shape which can only be obtained by Forza. In the film industry, the perfect body shape of a man to be a hero is required at a must. Female actresses like Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif are also practicing the katana exercise. It gives them an ideal strength and body shape. From now it is becoming usual for almost every celebrity. Celebrities join expert trainers at their regular practice classes.

Where is the Forza being practiced?

Forza is being practiced in different regions of the world, including Japan and other countries from Europe and Asia. From now on, this workout is also being practiced in schools to give good strength to students but the sword they use is made up of wood and lightweight as compared to regular.


During our survey what we have observed is that Forza is a swordplay technique that depends on 3 basic acts. This workout contains a half-cut, full cut, and diagonal cut. This exercise is only played via sword of any material such as steel or wood. Through this play, a person’s strength is likely to increase by 10 times. This practice is very beneficial for both aerobic or anaerobic conditions.

A large number of people and celebrities taking interest in this workout to develop strong muscles and bodies. It also gives an ideal shape to your body. This workout is also practiced in Japanese schools. It is being practiced in a large room as an individual requires much space for the movement sword. It has been proving very effective because this workout can burn 500 calories in an hour.

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