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length of wakizashi sword

How long is a Wakizashi Sword

Wakizashi is a single-edged with a curved blade that belongs to the nihonto family (Japanese swords). It was carried by the Samurai group of feudal Japan. Most of the time, the Wakizashi sword was carried along with Katana because of its comparatively smaller size.

Traditional Wakizashi blade, also called nagasa, is 30 to 60 cm long with a tuska (handle length) of around 30 cm. On the other hand, the Katana has a fixed blade length of 60 cm. And the anatomy of Katana is different than Wakizashi. Samurai Wakizashi were customized according to the needs of the wielder.

If a wielder was tall, the blade length was kept larger, and if he was short, the blade length also became shorter. Because of this customizability, Wakizashi was one of the most used Japanese swords.

Samurai carried the Wakizashi on their waste because it was easier to carry it without any hustle. It was worn on the left side of the belt with a Katana on the right side. Wakizashi acted as a backup sword, and it was used when Katana was comprised on the battlefield.

Although it was usually worn with a Samurai Katana, some warriors carried it along with a smaller sword such as Tanto dagger. Wakizashi was used in close combat and for committing ritual suicide called seppuku.

How Wakizshi differ from other Samurai swords?

Wakizashi being one of the prestigious Samurai Katana, differ from all other swords in terms of its length. Its length is one thing that makes it outstand all other Japanese swords. Because of its suitable length, Samurai carried it everywhere they go even where Katana was left behind.

Types of Wakizashi

There are two types of Wakizashi Japanese Katana based on its length.


These swords were more close to the length of a Katana Sword with around 40 to 60 cm blade length.


These Wakizashi swords had a length close to Tanto with a blade length of around 30 to 40 cm.

Is Wakizashi a short Samurai Katana?

Some people regard Wakizashias a short Samurai Katana because of its blade length, which is not true. There are other small Samurai swords, such as Tanto daggers, having a 30 cm blade.

Wakizashi can have a length from anywhere between 30 to 60 cm. And for this exact reason, we cannot call Wakizashi as a short Katana.

Why Samurai Wakizashi is so famous?

Samurai Wakizashi dates back to the 15-16th century, but still today, it has got enormous popularity. And that is due to its origin of emergence.

This sword was carried by the Samurai people of ancient Japan, and it was irreplaceable for them. Being a part of their tradition and law, they carried it everywhere. It was compulsory for them to carry it everywhere, even when they had to leave Katana behind. However, apart from Samurai, no other person was allowed to carry Wakizashi swords.

Where to get the best Wakizashi sword?

Today, after 600 years, you can still get a high-quality Wakizashi sword at Katana swords. You can explore our store and get one of the finest Wakizashi Katanas available on the market.

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