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Damascus Steel Full tang Clay Tempered Nagamaki



  • Regional Feature: CHINA
  • Style: Antique Imitation
  • Theme: Sports
  • Material: Metal
  • Brand Name: LYUESWORD
  • Overall Length: 49 inch/124 cm
  • Nagasa Length: 32 inch/81 cm
  • Handle Length: 16 inch/40 cm
  • Blade Width(near Habaki & near Kissaki): 1.26 inch/3.2cm & 0.91 inch/2.3 cm
  • Saya Material: Hard wood + OX horn
  • Blade Material: Folded Steel + Clay Tempered
  • Sword Style: Handmade Naginata
  • Blade Shape: UNOKURI-ZUKURI
  • Kissaki Shape: O-KISSAKI
  • Tsuba Material: Brass



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